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Justin Sablich
Greater New York City
11+ Years


Social Media Strategy
Email Marketing
Video Production

I am seeking new opportunities in digital journalism and social media strategy after spending more than 10 years as a leading digital editor and strategist at The New York Times and elsewhere.

I have the benefit of both extensive journalism and audience development experience, and have worked consistently to bridge the gap between the two, both for myself professionally and for the organizations I’ve worked at.

At The Times, I spent (roughly) my first five years learning how to create good content and the next five years learning how to properly promote good content:

  • Created and implemented digital strategy for two editorial departments
  • Developed strong editorial background in video production, writing and editing
  • Mastered SEO and social media strategies, leading to significant growth in key metrics
  • Managed team of web editors and producers while leading digital sports coverage
  • Played vital role in integration of print and digital newsrooms at The New York Times

My recent focus has been on writing and audience development. I’ve had great success as a social media consultant, growing the audiences of The NewsGuild of New York and Quanta Magazine significantly, and am still a contributing writer and social media editor for The Times’s travel desk. I’m also putting more energy into a passion project of mine: I’ve turned my long-running side act as a fantasy football writer/analyst into an independent news and analysis website.

While my background is in sports and travel journalism, I also have somewhat unhealthy obsessions with music, politics and food. I believe I am qualified for a wide-range of roles, given my skills, experience and broad range of interests.

You may contact me directly at justin.sablich[at] or by using my contact form below.

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